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SM Investigations & Security provides high profile executive and celebrity protection. Bodyguard, personal protection agent (PPA), executive protection agent (EPA) or whatever name is used; they all mean the same thing - an agent who is hired to protect you and your family from potential threats of violence or danger. In situations like this you cannot afford to pick the cheapest or second best.

This is serious business and should only be handled by true professionals with the training, experience and credentials to handle the job. Our companies have been providing personal protection services for many years to all types of clients in all kinds of environments under all kinds of conditions.

We consistently maintain personal protection assignments, some running for years. In some cases we utilize four or more member teams, as well as armored vehicles. We provide trained professional male and female agents. Our assignments generally involve protecting a certain “principal.” From team assignments to critical advance work every effort is made to blend into the world of the principal providing discreet effective protection.

Whatever or wherever the assignment, agents are available to handle everything. You can rest assured our agents are ready to protect you and have the training and experience to do so. Please contact our headquarters to schedule a meeting with one of our personnel protection experts to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

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